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Top 5 things and the tips that you need to know to downsize and declutter your home before you downsize. Yet the task of downsizing can be daunting. 

1. Have an exciting vision of your next home and establish a plan.

Write down what you must have in a home. How many bedrooms, how many baths, garage spaces, what furniture are you going to keep? What location are you going to be in? Is it close to medical care and family? A simple checklist of what you must have in-home is the first step.

2. Create a simple room by room checklist of what you must keep and what can go.      

You know, many people struggle with this part because they really want to repurpose things. You know, we’ve built a lifetime of the value of stuff, right? And you don’t want to just throw it away, but there are some great resources to help you re-purpose furniture and other things that you may not need.

3. Get some help to start to declutter your home and re-purpose process.

We offer a team of professionals that can guide you through creating a downsizing checklist and many resources and people who can help you declutter and help you repurpose things that you no longer need.

4. Hire a great real estate agent who has a team that can help you through the process. You know, we have all kinds of resources and people that we tap into, including stager, people that can repurpose things. You know the places where you can donate the stuff you don’t need to charity, what are the repairs, resources for repairs, and how much money you’re going to put in your pocket when it sells.

5. Is to have a destination in mind before you start the process.

You know, in this robust market, homes are selling very quickly. So what most people fear from me is I sell homes to fast, not to worry? We’ll set it up on your schedule and at your pace.